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Sign up for E-SoccerE-Soccer is a unique program because of its inclusive environment. Every child is encouraged to participate in a setting where possibilities are limitless. In a society where physical activity opportunities are limited for kids with special needs, E-Soccer provides another chance. Kids with and without special needs are able to come to a place for an hour on a Saturday morning to build relationships with their peers, be instructed by coaches who believe in their potential, and most importantly, have fun! Lastly, the experience is free of cost. Having started 11 years ago with just a handful of people, it is now all over the world.

What You Get

E-Soccer offers a chance for all kids ages 3 & up, to develop motor skills (shooting, passing, driblling, ball handling), social skills (working with teammates, following instructions from coaches), and intrapersonal skills to arrive at their full potential. Kids are able to learn a heart of compassion and mutual respect at a young age by interacting and playing soccer with other kids their age who have special needs. Leadership skills are built as the kids learn to help each other through active drills and games that involve teamwork.

Friendships are made and constructed in the course of each season, building a foundation for competitors to return for the next time. While their kids are having fun playing soccer, parents are able to relax on the sidelines, intermingle and share experiences with other parents.

Getting Started

Interested in signing up your child? Follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill out the Participant Application
  2. Find E-Soccer at your nearest location
  3. Show up Saturday morning with your completed Participant Application and find your E-Soccer coordinator to get the ball rolling

On your first day you can expect to find which group your child will participate in and flexible coaches eager to help make your experience a positive one!